Making Healthier Choices: Jay’s Top Tips



What constitutes health? What is being healthy? The term health is defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury.” This is quite a broad definition. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely right and wrong when it comes to health and being healthy, but exactly what constitutes being healthy will vary and will depend upon the goals of the individual in question. 

For example, person A being healthy may mean not letting the gym take over their lives and remembering that eating well isn’t about restriction. Whereas for person B being healthy may mean making the effort to exercise more and making better choices when it comes to nutrition. 

I can’t emphasise the above point enough. While the fitness industry is extremely diverse and what constitutes being healthy will differ from person to person, I have a few top tips to help you make healthier choices regardless of what your goals are.

  1. Plan Ahead: Connect with your inner Monica and schedule out your week or your day. This has been one of the most important factors in helping me stick to my routine. I pick out a day where I have enough time to write out what I plan to eat the next week and the days that I’m going to train. That way when I’m busy or stressed out with work I don’t have an additional thing to stress about. 
  1. Address your relationship with food: Addressing what triggers you and leads you to having a toxic relationship with food is crucial. Failing to address these issues will block you from making true progress and instead you’ll fall back into old unhealthy habits. For me there were a few issues which needed to be addressed most notable were the relationship I had with myself, building up my self-confidence and self-esteem and the second was to recognise when I was stressed and to find alternative ways of coping with it. Since addressing these issues I no longer go to food for comfort.
  1. Motivation is overrated: Don’t’ get me wrong, motivation can be an amazing tool to help us do the things we need to do. The issue is that it is dependent on our moods and feelings and so is not always reliable. You are not always going to be motivated to do what it takes to achieve your goals. This is why you should instead focus on creating discipline so that you always do what you need to do to achieve your goals, especially when you don’t want to.
  1. Comparison is the thief of joy: While its great to draw motivation and inspiration from others, I think it’s important to learn to appreciate the accomplishments of others without calling our own into question. More importantly I think its important to learn to inspire yourself. Stop wanting to look like other people. Practice self-love and be kind to yourself.
  1. Consistency is King: The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to focus on being consistent instead of constantly going from one extreme (training intensely and attempting to eat perfectly) to the other (not training at all and binging). Take it slow, it’s a marathon not a race.

Hope you guys find these helpful

Jay xx

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