Benefits of HIIT Training



High Intensity Interval Training (a.k.a HIIT) is a form of exercise where you push yourself to the max during short bursts of activity (typically between 20-90 seconds) followed by short periods of less intense activity.

Benefits of HIIT:

  1. All exercise burns fat but more intense exercise burns more fat
  2. If done correctly it can help to improve endurance, complement strength development and help to improve body composition
  3. It can be done anywhere and you don’t require any equipment
  4. Improves both aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  5. It’s time efficient: you can have an effective exercise in a short period of time

While there are many benefits to HIIT training it is not for everyone and you can definitely get too much of a good thing. It’s recommended that you should not exceed more than 3 HIIT sessions a week. Depending on what your goal is HIIT training may not be the best option for you. Due to the high intensity level it may cause you to burn out and therefore be counterproductive to the attainment of your goal.

Just some food for thought

Jay xx

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