Halo Top Creamery: A Review

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2018 is off to a great start with Halo Top finally becoming available in the UK. For those of you who may not know Halo Top is a “low calorie, high protein, low sugar” ice cream made using natural ingredients and boasting a variety of flavours ranging from vanilla to red velvet.

Having seen so much hype about it on instagram I’ve been dying to get a hold of some and last weekend I finally got my chance. I bought 2 tubs vanilla bean and cinnamon roll.

Jay’s Verdict: 

The entire tub of vanilla bean contains 240 Kcal and cinnamon roll 360 Kcal (typical pint of regular ice cream contains 960 calories)

The texture is slightly more creamy than ice-cream

Taste wise the vanilla bean flavour was pretty spot on (pretty much identical to ice-cream) the cinnamon roll flavour had a bit of a sugary after taste, but was still amazing

Score wise I’d give the vanilla bean a 9/10 and the cinnamon roll and 8/10

I think that Halo Top is a great alternative for anyone wanting to watch calorie intake and still wanting to enjoy some ice cream. Honestly even if you aren’t watching what you’re eating I would still highly recommend it. Its available at Tesco for £5 per tub.

So far I’ve enjoyed it on its own and have topped my protein pancakes with it. I’m going to do a lot more experimenting with it and will hopefully have some recipes up for you guys soon.

Make sure to give it a try

Jay xx

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