Do Women Need to Use Different Protein Powder?


Protein is a macro-nutrient used by our bodies for several important functions ranging from repairing and building muscles to aiding our immune system. I’m a huge believer in obtaining nutritional needs from natural and whole foods. That being said protein powder can be extremely helpful and convenient for those who are struggling  to meet their protein intake requirements or for those moments when we need a quick meal. Protein powders typically contain 20g of protein per scoop and are available in a variety of flavours and can be consumed as drink or food.

Picking protein can already be a daunting task with there being so many different types. On top of that there are now brands who are creating protein powder just for women. So do women really need to use different protein powder compared to men?

Some of these protein powders catered to women contain female specific vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6 and folic acid which are important in female growth. They also lower the amount of protein per scoop since women don’t require the same protein content as men. However, not all female specific protein powders do this and not to mention that with many brands these proteins tend to be more expensive than regular protein.

What to take from this is if you’re going to purchase a female specific protein powder:

  • Make sure you look at the nutritional information and ensure that it has female specific vitamins and minerals which can be beneficial to you
  • Don’t let brand marketing fool you into buying overly expensive protein

Personally ladies when I do use protein powder I just use a standard kind as they are essentially the same and perfectly safe for us to take.

Just some food for thought

Jay xx

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