Stress & It’s Impact on the Body


Everybody experiences stress from time to time and while stress can be beneficial to us in short-term situations prolonged exposure to it can lead to chronic illness. It is not uncommon for us to think illness is at the root of some symptoms when stress may actually be the real culprit. In a recent study the Mayo Clinic discovered that stress symptoms can affect our body, our thoughts, our feelings and behaviour.

Effects of Stress Include: 

  • Headache, fatigue and insomnia
  • Anxiety, irritability and depression
  • Over/under eating, social withdrawal, lack of motivation

How you can reduce stress levels:

  • Researches have found that participating in activities which boost our mood can help to lower stress levels
  • Identifying what is causing you to feel stress and devise a plan to address it
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest
  • Seek help from professionals who can help you to manage your stress

Just some food for thought

Jay xx

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