Why Motivation is Overrated

FullSizeRenderDon’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that the use of motivation when it comes to achieving fitness goals (or any goals for that matter) is a bad thing . Anyone can tell you that motivation is that special ingredient that can transform a dream/goal into reality.

On a good day motivation will help you do whatever, it takes to achieve your goals. However, the problem with motivation is that it is fickle, unreliable and dependent on your mood and feelings. Many people are motivated when they first set a new goal or start a new program however, over time and as soon as obstacles arise or other stress factors affect our ability to train motivation can quickly become useless. A classic example of this is the “new year, new me” trend that sees most people give up on their fitness goals by February. Even the world’s top athletes struggle with motivation.

This is where discipline (which is often overlooked) can play a role in helping us to stay on track to achieving our goals. By building discipline you eliminate the dependence on factors such as your mood and instead give yourself the necessary tools to focus on what you need to do (in order to achieve your goals in the long run) as opposed to what you want to do.

“Only the disciplined are truly free.  The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites, and passions.”  — Stephen Covey

Make sure you’re that you’re not focused solely on motivation and neglecting discipline.

Just some food for thought.


Jay xx


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