Review: On Nut Butter from Funky Nut Co



Guys nut butter is genuinely “the glue that holds my life together.” Jokes aside, it makes up a big part of my diet. I’m the type of person who always needs at least one sweet treat during the day so I take my nut butters very seriously.

Recently I purchased 3 nut butters (pictured above) from the Funky Nut Co and guys they have not disappointed.  The company sells various types of nut butters ranging from plain peanut butter to some of the most exciting creations such as the caramel crunch peanut butter. The company boasts that all of their nut butters are filled with natural protein, healthy fats, no palm oil and no additives with prices ranging from £4.00 -£5.50 a tub.

Of the three I’ve purchased the dark chocolate hazel nut butter is definitely the favourite, however, all three taste absolutely amazing. If you are a big nut butter addict then I would definitely recommend you step up your nut butter game and give them a try. I have literally put them on everything I can think of from rice cakes to my protein pancakes. Be sure to check out their website and give them a try. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.


Jay xx

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