5 Reasons You Should Regularly Train Your Core


It is becoming increasingly well-known that abdominal exercises will not lead to the six-pack that so many desire.

In fact having visible abs comes down to low body fat percentage as opposed to having strong abdominal muscles.

I have heard countless times from people that despite not training their core they have a visible six pack as a result of performing other exercises with proper form such as squats. However, your core is your body’s powerhouse, which in my opinion makes it the most important part of your body. Ensuring you have a strong core isn’t just about looking good naked, there are several other benefits. So why would you neglect training it?

5 benefits of strong core muscles:

  1. It helps improve sports performance: in order to produce force to play sports such as soccer or tennis or to take part in activities such as running your spine will have to be neutral and your core stabilised.
  2. Prevents lower back pain: Maintaining a straight spine will become a subconscious reflex over time which will make you more mindful when performing every day tasks such as lifting heavy objects
  3. Improves your posture: Strong core muscles can aid in improving your posture which results in less stress being placed on your spine and can also make you feel more confident
  4. Protects your inner organs and central nervous system: Strong core muscles will ensure that these vital organs are protected
  5. Help to prevent injuries: Most movement starts at the centre and moves outward. A strong core will ensure that these movement are strong and pain free

Make sure you aren’t neglecting these important muscles.

Jay xx

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